I’m unbreakable | via Tumblr on We Heart It

I’m unbreakable | via Tumblr on We Heart It

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Sungmin in Cosmopolitan: Mr. Hard Worker Sungmin.

Q: The suit really suits you well

A: Haha. Thank you

Q: If Sungmin-ssi was a normal office worker, what character would you have?

A: I think I would have been an honest office worker. I’ve lived an honest life so far, and I’m not good at doing things that makes me feel guilty. I’m not good in compromising, so I’m a character that hears curses for being too (honest). And also (one) who works very hard. I’m really confident in working hard.

Q: I heard Sungmin-ssi is very FM. You have a schedule for your days? (Translator notes: FM is ‘Field Manual’, meaning that he follows regulations/schedules/does work exactly as the guideline says etc.)

A: Yes. I wake up early and exercise, warm up, and start the day practicing guitar. After schedules, I sleep at a set time. It’s comfortable for me to do that. 

Q: What are you more comfortable with, variety or acting?

A: I like acting more. Variety is a bit hard. I’m not good at telling funny stories. Instead, I like things like dramas and musicals, where I work hard and prepare a lot to show. I want to try an (acting-focused) drama.

Q: Is there a specific role you want to try?

A: An idle (jobless) man who eats and plays at home!

Q: It’s very different from your image?

A: Yes. I want to try a character that always get nagged by his wife. A pitiful character.

Q: Why do you want to try a role like that?

A: For some reason, I think I would be able to do that role very well. Don’t you think you would see a new charm? Hahaha.

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140419 music billboard chart interview (source)

140419 music billboard chart interview (source)


Happy Birthday Lu Ge :)


Happy Birthday Lu Ge :)


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